32 Poor Unfortunate Souls Who Were Totally Screwed Over By The Hotels They Were Staying At

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32 Poor Unfortunate Souls Who Were Totally Screwed Over By The Hotels They Were Staying At
Welcome to Hotel Hell.

Honestly, when it comes to hotels, you never know what you’re REALLY gonna get until the day you check in. Here are 32 “Hotel Hell” experiences that’ll probably make you opt for an Airbnb on your next trip:

1. This fake “deal” Unfortunate Souls:

2. This “balcony”:

3. This security breach:

“My dad went to a hotel once and checked in to a first floor room. He went in the room, put his stuff down, opened the curtains…and a man was hiding there. My dad went ‘excuse me,’ closed the curtains, got his stuff, and left. He went to the front desk to explain that a man was hiding in his room. It turns out the guy had just robbed the place and somehow got into the room with an open window.”

4. This “pool area”:

5. This TV deception:

6. This work trip from hell:

“On a work trip I was put in the most disgusting hotel room, to the point where I didn’t feel comfortable and couldn’t sleep. There was a pile of dirt and dust in the corner that I imagine would take years to accumulate, brown stains on the lampshades, food under the bed, water damage in the framed pictures, the whole room smelt moldy, the hairdryer was sticky, the TV remote was sticky and covered in food, stuff all over the walls, hair in the shower, the toilet bowl was stained red, and everything felt gross and grimy. The hot water didn’t work in my room (cold showers anyone?). I felt like a walking zombie that work trip — it felt so disgusting, I really couldn’t sleep.”

7. This snare trap:

8. This kettle charge:

9. This sketchy situation:

“I needed to find a hotel in Dayton, Ohio because of my daughter’s gymnastics competition. I read online reviews and The Travel Lodge had good reviews. The price was good too, so I booked it. I had difficulty finding it because it was dark and their sign wasn’t lit. The parking lot was pitch black. Just outside the entrance, there were two sketchy guys that looked like they were negotiating a drug deal. Inside, the motel lobby was dimly lit with flickering lights.

The room was no better. Stained sheets, holes in the bedspread, and hair in the shower. The fitness room consisted of a stair stepper that was broken, and an old TV on the ground that was also broken. I told the front desk that I wanted to cancel our reservation. She said, ‘I don’t blame you. This place is gross. I had an interview at Kohl’s, and I hope they hire me so I can quit this place.'”
10. This sneaky mini-fridge:

11. This inconveniently placed logo Unfortunate Souls:

12. This bathroom nonsense Unfortunate Souls:

“The bathroom locked from the outside. If you accidentally shut the door all the way, you had to have someone in the room open the door for you when you were done. If you were by yourself, you were shit outta luck until someone came back, or you called the front desk from the bathroom to send someone up. This was pre-mainstream cell phone usage, so you may not have had your phone on you at all times.”

13. This false Unfortunate Souls :

14. This sweaty nightmare Unfortunate Souls:

15. This stain situation Unfortunate Souls:

“Once at a chain hotel I went to get into bed and there was a blood stain on the sheet right in the middle of the bed. I pulled the sheet back and there was a HUGE puddle of it on the mattress, still wet. Not nice!”

16. This HOsTEL:


17. This pseudo balcony Unfortunate Souls:

18. This extremely unpleasant surprise:
“I drove halfway across Florida and collapsed into bed in a small lodge. I noticed a funky smell coming from around the headboard, lifted the mattress, and found a used condom.”

19. This cheap trick:

20. This card conundrum Unfortunate Souls:

21. This boiling toilet:


“Once, I stayed in a hotel where the hot and cold water feeds for the room were plumbed the wrong way around. The water in the toilet bowl was boiling hot and kind of steamed your butt when you used it…”

22. This email issue:

23. This health hazard Unfortunate Souls:

24. This murder scene:
“We went to a historic hotel in Chattanooga, Tennessee. We walked in the room, and there was blood everywhere. The bathtub, the curtains, the walls, the floor, the lamp, everywhere! The hotel refused to move us. We moved ourselves to a different hotel that night.”

25. This view Unfortunate Souls:

26. This misrepresentation:

27. This construction disaster:

“A few years ago I was staying at a hotel on the Las Vegas strip and they had construction going on. Construction-related faulty wiring or something kept causing the alarm to go off (false alarm) and periodically a recorded voice would say there was some kind of incident, and to stay in your room until otherwise notified. All. Night. Long.”

28. This unfortunate heads up Unfortunate Souls:

29. This “window”:

30. This horror show:

“When I was a kid, my parents stopped at a hotel for the night on a road trip. We got to our room and everything felt off. They brought in a folding bed for me, and the blankets and sheets looked faded from age and overuse. We looked in the bathroom and there were four spider webs in the shower and roaches all over the place. My parents checked the main bed and there were bugs and hair under the blanket. We noped out of there in less than 30 minutes.”

31. This screwed up shower:

32. And finally, this handicap bathroom Unfortunate Souls: