Apple Picking Your Kids Are Going to Love This

Picking apple, If you are interested in eating healthy, getting exercise. Communing with nature and creating family memories with your children that will last a life time. Then you are about to enjoy the next few moments.

If you are like me you look forward to the weekend. Where you can have a little time to unwind. In a minute I will show you. How to do this by going apple picking with your kids.

But first:

One of the fondest memories I have as a young boy is going apple picking with my family in upstate NY. Every year we would make a day of it. Getting up early in the morning for a big breakfast. Dad would make his famous french toast. Mom would make scrambled eggs. We’d all pile in the old vista cruiser station wagon. Do you remember those? It was maroon with decals of wood paneling on the side!

We would take the long drive upstate and marvel at the beautiful mountains. Living in the city, I never realized that New York was such a beautiful place. But there they were, beautiful mountain ranges, lush green forest and plenty of fresh country air.

You knew we were getting close for Apple:

When we started to see the little fruit and vegetable stands along the highway. It was a tradition to stop at one in particular that had all the fresh apple cider you could drink. My stomach still hurts thinking about one time in particular!

I remember climbing trees and knocking down apples with my pole. It was a race between us kids to see who could find the biggest apple. You could eat all the apples you wanted for free and you only had to pay for what you took home. I can assure you that we all went home stuffed!

On the way home we would always stop at Bear mountain for a picnic and a game of two hand touched nerf football.

I clearly remember:

Mom and Dad laughing and playing with us. Dad would ham it up as mom took photographs of our fun family times together. We still have those old photos and when I look at them it brings a warm feeling to my heart.

You don’t have to go to Bear mountain to create apple picking memories with your family.

Did you know that there are many wonderful apple farms in your area that allow you to pick your own apples?

Here are Reasons to schedule an apple picking adventure with your kids.

1- You only thought you knew what an apple tasted like:

Sure you can buy apples at Wal-mart but I promise they NEVER taste the same as one that has just been picked straight from the tree. Take a bite for yourself and you will see that it is bursting with flavor as the juice rolls down your chin know matter how hard you try to stop it. Once you have freshly picked orchard apples you can’t go back to stale apples that have been touched by hundreds of people at the store.

2- It’s more affordable than buying store bought.

At $2.99 a pound at the store, the price of fresh fruit is unfortunately out of reach for some families that have a lot of children. One apple could easily cost you a $1.00- $1.50 each. Now compare that to when you go apple picking as a family. You will easily get 3 times the amount of fruit for the same price. (Plus it will taste much better!)

3- Apple is healthy for you. (And you are probably not getting enough fruit and veggies in your diet anyway)

Did you know that apples are high in dietary fiber, Vitamin A and niacin? They also contain iron, other trace minerals and Vitamin C. Best of all apples are ranked No. 1 in antioxidants compared with over 40 other fruits and vegetables.

Why should you care? Well, this means that a daily serving of apples has more of the antioxidants need to fight old age, cancer and heart disease. On top of that, don’t forget all of the exercise you will get while picking these with your family. These are two of the best ways to stay healthy plus it helps to keep your health insurance premiums down when you lead a healthy lifestyle!

4-Priceless Times to pick Apple With Your Family

Even better than that are the memories that you will create with your children. Memories that can be caught on video that can capture the moments that you create together. These are moments that can be enjoyed over and over again for a lifetime.

Here are a few tips for the best picking results:

1- Apples bruise easily so don’t drop them or throw them in the basket. Handle them gently and they will last a lot longer.

2- The pros tell us not to wash the apples until you are ready to eat them. If you wash them too quickly they will spoil a lot sooner.

3- You will be bringing plenty of apples home with you. So here is a tip to make them stay fresher longer. Keep them in a cool place. Do you have a basement or an extra fridge in the garage? That would be ideal. (But don’t freeze them.)

4- You will be gone for a long day so bring lunch, paper towels and plenty of drinks for the kids.

5- Dress in your official apple picking attire. Any old clothes and sneakers will do.

6- Bring jackets for the kids since it can get cool in the mountains.

7- Don’t forget a disposable camera since you will not want to miss anything on film.

8- Grab a hay ride or run through a corn maze while you are up there.

9- Nerf football is optional, but it can’t hurt to bring along


September and October are prime apple picking season. Plan a weekend now before you lose this small window of opportunity. Are you looking for affordable Atlanta Home Insurance and health insurance? Lloyd Pro Group has been helping people get affordable Georgia insurance for over 20 years.

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