‪‪Australian Federal Election 2022‬‬

The Victorian State Federal Election will held on Saturday 26 November 2022.

Note: Voting is not compulsory for Australians overseas. If you will be overseas at the time of the election and unable to vote, you should notify the Victorian Election Commission (VEC) by completing an ‘Away from Victoria’ form. You should also keep evidence of your travel, you may asked in future to explain why you did not vote.


To vote, you must have been correctly enrolled by 8pm AEDT on Tuesday 8 November 2022.

For information regarding enrolment and/or your eligibility to vote, visit the Victorian Electoral Commission (VEC) website or call the VEC on +61 3 8620 1100 (charges apply).


If you will be overseas at the time of the Federal Election and would like to vote, you can do so by post.

You can apply online for a postal vote from now until 6pm AEDT on Wednesday 23 November 2022. The VEC started sending ballot papers to voters who applied for a postal vote on Monday 14 November 2022, after nominations closed.

When applying for a postal vote, you can choose to have your ballot pack posted or securely emailed to you. Whichever you choose, you should apply early to ensure that your ballot pack received in time.

Further information about applying for a postal vote can found on the VEC’s website.

Australians in the United States are able to return their completed postal vote to the VEC directly (per instructions provided with their postal voting pack).

Postal votes should be completed and returned as quickly as possible to ensure that they are received by the VEC in Australia in time to be counted.

Postal vote collection at the Embassy and Australian Consulates-General in Los Angeles and New York concluded on Tuesday 22 November 2022.

To return your postal Federal Election to the VEC directly, it must witnessed and posted before 6pm AEDT on Saturday 26 November 2022 and received by the VEC in Australia no later than 6pm AEDT on Friday 2 December 2022.

In-person voting WILL NOT be available overseas.

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