Celebrities You Probably Didn’t Expect To Be Cheerleaders

.Celebrities  It’s no secret that cheerleaders are some of the most popular people in high school, so it should come as no surprise that a lot of famous celebrities spent some time in cheer gear in high school and college. But a few of these might surprise you.

Celebrities Mandy Moore

While Mandy Moore Celebrities may have only been a cheerleader as a young kid, it still counts. What we really love is a shot to see Mandy when she was still just a tot herself, and its pretty clear by looking at this picture that she was destined to be a knockout from day one.

Celebrities Cameron Diaz

Cameron Diaz looks like the epitome of the girl next door in this old cheer picture, and we are here for it. From those signature cheek bones to her shining eyes, Cameron was made to be a cheerleader and a celebrity.

Celebrities Halle Berry

Before Halle Berry was a Bond girl she was a cheerleader from Ohio, but it should come as little surprise that she looked just as bomb in high school as she does now. Actually, when compared to this modern photo of Halle who is now in her forties, we have to wonder if she even ages at all.

Celebrities Fergie

The best part about this picture is not that Fergie is in a cheerleader outfit, but it is the fact that we can now say we have seen Fergie in a perm. As a child of the 80s, Fergie was always in style, but her look is so much different that we have a hard time looking away.

Rachael Ray

Before she was known for her sunny personality and ability to cook, she was just play old Ray-Ray in a cheerleading outfit. The truly amazing thing about picture on picture comparison is that she has almost the same hairstyle. Sure, she grew our her layers a bit but they are practically the same.

Kirsten Dunst

Everyone knows Celebrities Kirsten Dunst can rock a cheerleading outfit due to her success in Bring It On, but what many people may not know is that a few years earlier Dunst really did legitimately rock a cheerleading outfit when she cheered for her own home team.

Kelly Ripa

Before she was a famous talk show host. Kelly was showing off her bubbly personality on the sidelines cheering for her high school squad. Clearly she made to a top-star cheerleader. We bet if she wanted too she could still pull off a few of those moves.

Sandra Bullock

Sandra Bullock has done plenty of films where she plays a tough gal. So it is hard to see her on the sidelines happily shouting along, but apparently. She has a light history somewhere underneath that comedic exterior. We have to admit, she makes a pretty cute cheerleader too.


Long before Celebrities Ciara was an r&b sensation she was just a high schooler posing for her senior pictures. Anyone who has seen how stunning Ciara is in real life will not surprised. To see how great she looked as a cheerleader in her pre-fame life.

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