People Are Sharing The Over-Hyped Travel Experiences That Ended Up Being Total Letdowns

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We firmly believe that traveling is one of the best parts of being born a human being. We have the sort of freedom to go on life-changing, cultural, and educational adventures like nobody else in the animal kingdom. (Except for birds, of course—they can go anywhere, any time, and they always fly first class. Yes, we’re jealous!) However, what you see in those bright and brilliant travel ads isn’t always what you get.

Underwhelming, disappointing, and a waste of time—

that’s how some members of the wildly popular, 6.5-million-strong travel Community felt after going to these ‘must-see’ and ‘must-visit’ tourist attractions. And today we’re featuring their candid comments about what they felt overhype so you don’t fall into the same trap… or at least so you manage your expectations.

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Pandas, because we’re about to go on a trip into the Land of Disappointment (featuring the Valley of Over-Hyped Stuff and Paris Syndrome). Got any horrible travel stories to share with the class? Do you disagree with some of these redditors’ opinions? You can spill the tea (and/or beans) in the comments.

One of the moderators helping run r/travel, u/SiscoSquared, was kind enough to answer our questions. Bored Panda also got in touch with entertainment, pop culture, and lifestyle expert Mike Sington, who’s known as Hollywood’s Ultimate Insider. He was happy to share what first-time visitors to Los Angeles should definitely see and what they should probably steer clear of if they don’t want to be disappointed. Check out both interviews below.

The Dead Sea. You’re in Israel. In the desert. It’s blazing hot, like 115°F. You think you’ll go take a dip in the Dead Sea to cool off, right? Wrong. First, you have to pay to go through a spa to use their towels, pools, etc. Then you take the wagon/shuttle that drives you from the spa down to the shore. The wagon/shuttle goes about 5 miles per hour in the scortching sun. No breeze. Next, you get to the shore of the Dead Sea. You the proceed to run over the sand that’s so hot you’re sure your feet will burn off. You tentatively step into the water….and it’s like the hottest bath you’ve ever taken in your life. The water is maybe 1° away from boiling. But you figure you’ve made it this far, might as well get the full experience.