Rosario airport received international certification

international certification The award was made by the National Civil Aviation Administration (ANAC). The airport terminal joins a select group that also includes Lima, Santiago de Chile and Quito.


Rosario International Airport (AIR) received the international aerodrome certification for meeting operational safety standards,

in compliance with international parameters on operating conditions, infrastructure, national and international procedures and the operational safety management system required by the National Civil Aviation Administration (ANAC).

In this regard, the president of AIR’s board of directors, Eduardo Romagnoli, considered that “this is a collective achievement of the entire airport community of our terminal, because it is not just about submitting forms in one more procedure. Here we are demonstrating that every action, every task and the work of all the areas do with the maximum commitment and efficiency so that every flight is taken care of”, he said.

“Receiving this certificate in a post-pandemic context is very important,

not only because despite the impact on the aeronautical activity we were able to sustain our levels, but also because we adapted to the new operating requirements” emphasized the president of AIR’s board of directors.

On the other hand, Alejandro Ramos international certification,

from ANAC, expressed that “in very difficult times, this fact shows that we can work with maximum efficiency. This is an example of the management capacity and commitment of the airport and its workers to make it one of the most important airports in the region”.

Meanwhile, the national senator, Marcelo Lewandoski, emphasized that “undoubtedly, we all want to see our airport grow and we are on the right track. The AIR is the gateway to our city, not only for tourism but also for all the commercial and industrial activity of the region that we must promote”.

Finally, the Secretary of Tourism of the Municipality of Rosario,

Alejandra Matheus -participant of the relaunching of the tourist circuit Mercado de Arte-. Emphasized that “the airport is a source of pride and is fundamental when thinking about a tourist city. We are aware of and support the work of the board of directors to boost connectivity in the region.
The certification

The aerodrome certificate grant for compliance with the Argentine Civil Aviation Regulations (RAAC) regarding facilities international certification,

equipment and operational procedures. ANAC has standards (RAAC 139, RAAC 153 and RAAC 154), in accordance with the international guidelines already established by ICAO for the design and operation of aerodromes worldwide (Annex 14 to the Convention on International Civil Aviation).

For this process, inspections also carry out to audit the procedures. The organization and the Operational Safety System (SMS) of the aerodrome. The issuance of this certificate also implies the verification. By the aeronautical authority, of the competence and suitability of the key personnel in charge of the airport’s operation.

It should be noted that, with the implementation of this new certificate international certification,

the Rosario terminal becomes part of the group of certified airports in the region, which also includes Lima. Santiago de Chile, Quito, among others. In Argentina, AIR is the third international airport to receive it after the Mendoza and Tucumán airports.

The certification also demonstrates that AIR complies with operational safety requirements on a continuous basis. Provides uniform and standardized conditions for local and international aircraft, has infrastructure. Services and facilities in accordance with ICAO standards and recommended methods. And that airport personnel have the experience and training to perform their duties.

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