Young man sings on buses to pay for K-Pop concert tickets

K-Pop is a fever that is adding more and more members to its fanaticism. There are a great number of groups that connect with thousands of fans around the world through their music. The fans of this musical genre are so committed to their artists that they do everything to be able to go to their concerts. In this sense, we will share with you a video where a young girl goes viral for singing and selling candy on the buses to buy a ticket to see her favorite K-Pop singer.

Favorite K-Pop Singer concert tickets

The video was uploaded to the account @nataniel.goby. Where it shows a young girl who is a fan of celebrity who will be our protagonist of the clip. And the particular reason why this recording is circulating in networks is because the young woman is a fan of the star of Korean dramas.

The famous actor Kim Hyun Joong who has just confirmed a concert date in Peru. The viral thing is that she decided to get on the buses to earn money and able to buy ticket. This action is observed by many fans of the genre who understand this action and support her. This situation is the reason why it is so popular among many users on the Internet.

In the video that was uploaded to the TikTok account you can see how the young woman, determined to go to the concert, did not hesitate to do everything to pay sun to sun to be able to pay for the ticket. In the images you can also see how the young woman tells her motive to the bus passengers and introduces them to this artist. Many of them decide to record the moment because they think it is a creative way to see their idol. This fact has enchanted all the network users.

30.5 million Views

The video went viral, so much that it reached more than 30.5 million views and more than 3.3 million likes. The video was filled with comments about how amazing they find the video. Comments like “if I had a kpoper girlfriend I would gladly give her his ticket.  What a great attitude super cool, but that version is not sung by him.

They are already encouraging me,I also think I’m going to do it xdxd. I am from Argentina and I asked my mom if she would let me go. The only thing she said to me was: A daughter is already married.

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