Blac Chyna vs. Alysia Magen boxing match fight: date, tickets, venue & more

Here’s everything you need to know about the charity celebrity boxing match that will take place on June 11th

Blac Chyna vs Alysia Magen, Blac Chyna will clash against Instagram wellness model Alysia Magen for a VIP bout on June eleventh.

Half a month prior, the model affirmed her cooperation on Instagram, hoping to come out on top for the ‘Superstar Boxing Female Championship’.

Blac Chyna vs The Kardashians Trial: Everything We Know So Far

Blac Chyna and Alysia Magen goes to Official Celebrity Boxing South Florida Rumble Featuring Blac Chyna – Press Conference at Booby Trap Doral on May 14, 2022 in Doral, Florida. Picture: Getty
The two met interestingly on May 14, which saw the two square off, bringing about Magen pushing the video lady.

Chyna answered saying “You know what, I believe that is outrageously, truly cut however I simply maintain that you should know that June eleventh, it’s on”.

Here’s everything you need to know about the charity celebrity boxing match that will take place on June 11th!!

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Who is Alysia Magen?

Alysia Magen is a wellness virtual entertainment character as of now sitting on 1.3 million Instagram devotees. She has a partner’s certification from the Community College of the Air Force.

She is a wellbeing mentor as well as an Air Force Physical Training Leader, and much of the time posts about her preparation routine via online entertainment and even has a YouTube channel where she catches everything.

Why is Blac Chyna and Alysia Magen fighting?

The fight is for a charity event, with the two of then raising money for the Pasadena Humane Society.

When is the fight between Blac Chyna and Alysia Magen taking place?

The fight will take place on June 11 in Miami. The venue is yet to be confirmed. Chyna shared the news of her participation but speaking about it on Instagram, captioning it:

“Yes it’s true! I am fighting to raise money for the Pasadena Humane Society! Press conference this Saturday in Miami to unveil my opponent and the fight is June 11 in Miami!”.

How might I get passes to the battle?

Fortunately for fans of the former reality star, tickets are now on sale and may be purchased while supplies last.

According to Chyna, tickets are available on and that fans may get a discount by using the code “BLACCHYNA.”

Blac Chyna Training for Celebrity Boxing Match With Woman Who Fought Kim Kardashian

Simply seven days before she enters the ring with Instagram powerhouse Alysia Magen, Blac Chyna is planning for the battle via preparing with Tamara Frapasella-Fortune, who broadly battled Kim Kardashian in a 2010 superstar fight.

As per TMZ, Blac Chyna has been occupied with preparing at Fortune Boxing Gym in Los Angeles. Beside taking on Kim, Frapasella-Fortune’s boxing resume stretches out to her better half, Justine Fortune, who is a mentor for the incredible Manny Pacquiao.

“At the point when Blac Chyna figured out her mentor was Tamara Frapasella, the very mentor that beat Kim Kardashian, she grinned,” a source told Page Six this week.

In the mean time, Blac Chyna isn’t withdrawing from her impending session.

“I realized I was intellectually ready to battle,” she told the power source. “In any case, it was only after I began competing that I understood perhaps I missed my calling. Simply joking! However, I truly can hardly hold back to get out there and battle.”

Chyna added, “It’s a reward that I shed 11 pounds. I feel looking amazing. I’m somewhat more modest, however explosive comes in little bundles.”

Blac Chyna will battle Alysia Magen in a June 11 cause occasion introduced by Bitcoin Rodney in Pembroke Pines, Florida. The presentation session will be administered by UFC legend Rashad Evans.

Blac Chyna vs Alysia Magen face-off “shoves” that only got laughs

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CelebritiesBlac Chyna and Alysia Magen had their most memorable go head to head, which appeared to come to pushing and pushing and viciousness, yet everything finished in chuckling.

Blac Chyna and Alysia Magen will confront each other on Celebrity Boxing Match and they were at that point eye to eye, and in spite of the fact that by numerous it passed that the circumstance could get hot, there was just a push.

Alysia, who has in excess of 1,000,000 devotees on her Instagram account, gave Chyna a push, which incited stunned voices from individuals present and giggling, without the circumstance going past a basic push.

Blac Chyna might not have the cultural cache she once did but people are still invested in her daily life. The social media star and part-time rapper will now add the title of boxer to her resume.

Blac Chyna The Boxer

TMZ reports that Chyna, 34, is preparing for a big name fight with Instagram wellness model, Alysia Magen. In a select clasp acquired by the power source, Chyna flaunts an irregular position in one video. She then goes conventional standard. Chyna is unquestionably tossing bombs in a single part of the video in spite of the fact that she lifts her feet on some power shots.

Blac Chyna vs Alysia Magen: When do they fight?

The fight will be next June 11 and the winner will have the title of Celebrity Female Boxing Champion, which both look confident of achieving.

After the push back, Blac Chyna was calm and told her that everything will be settled in the ring on June 11 and that the road to get to that date is already underway.

The week before Chyna said that the proceeds from this fight will go to a non-profit organization in California: “I’m fighting to raise money for the Pasadena Humane Society,” she said.

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