Simple Simon vs Ed Matthews TikTok Boxing: date and time of fight between TikTok stars – and how to watch boxing match

Who are Simple Simon and Ed Matthews?

Who is Simple Simon?

Conceived Simon Colbran in May 1970, Simple Simon is a 52-year-old Football trainer and online entertainment star. Simple Simon vs Ed Matthews

The TikToker turned into a web sensation after his disagreement with individual virtual entertainment investor Cal The Dragon was communicated on TikTok live.


The notorious video saw Simple Simon referring to Cal The Dragon as “a soften”, while Cal reprimanded by referring to Colbran as “a misrepresented t****r”.

You can follow him on TikTok @simple.simon8, and furthermore on Instagram @simple.simon.8.

Who is Simple Simon and why is he famous?

Basic Simon, or @simple.simon8 as he goes by on TikTok, is a British Football trainer and web-based entertainment star. The TikToker circulated around the web after his issue with individual virtual entertainment magnate Cal The Dragon was communicated on TikTok live.

The scandalous video saw Simple Simon, conceived Simon Colbran, referring to Cal The Dragon as “a dissolve”, while Cal reprimanded by referring to Colbran as “an exaggerated t****r”.

At the point when he’s not posting moving recordings with his companion and Instagram Influencer Astrid Wett, or flaunting his football abilities, Colbran is Director and Head Coach of Stars Football Academy in East Sussex.

Simple Simon’s Key Facts:

  • Real Name: Simon Colbran
  • Age: Currently unknown
  • DoB: Currently unknown
  • Nationality: British
  • Net Worth: Unknown
  • TikTok Followers: 95.8K
  • Instagram Followers: 21.3K

All numbers correct as of 24th January 2022.

Simple Simon’s Net Worth: How much does Simple Simon earn?

At present, Simple Simon’s total assets is obscure.

Nonetheless, Simon Colbran is the Director and Head Coach of a football foundation in East Sussex, making his typical yearly compensation for his profession to be assessed somewhere in the range of £28,880 and £77, 684, as per Indeed and Glassdoor.

How old is Simple Simon?

Presently, there is no data about when Simple Simon, or Simon Colbran, was conceived, or what age he is.

Notwithstanding, the TikTok star is known to be working in the East Sussex region.

LADbible have reached Simple Simon for explanation on his age.

Who Is Simple Simon’s girlfriend?

Basic Simon, or Simon Colbran, has not disclosed data about his dating life.

In any case, he has been connected with Instagram powerhouse and Chelsea fan Astrid Wett, however this has not been affirmed by both of the online entertainment stars.

3 Interesting Facts About Simple Simon:

From his day to day life, to previous expert vocation, and his solid feeling of values, Simple Simon is something other than a football-fixated TikToker.

1) He has a girl

It could be astonishing to discover that somebody like Simple Simon, who has freely contended with a young person on TikTok live, has a high school offspring of his own. His little girl is 18-year-old Keeley Colbran, an individual web-based entertainment magnate with 20.3K supporters on Instagram, and 150K devotees on TikTok.

2) He used to be the lead trainer of expert football crews

In spite of his ongoing TikTok achievement and new vocation in a football foundation, he used to be the lead trainer of expert football crews like Langney Wanderers, Horsham, Crowborough Athletic, and Worthing FC.

3) He’s a promoter for emotional well-being

Notwithstanding his past questionable undertakings, Simple Simon is a remarkable backer for emotional well-being.

The football fan frequently welcomes his supporters who are battling to come on Instagram live and address him, unafraid of judgment.

Who is Ed Matthews?

Ed Matthews is an online entertainment character who’s well known for his meat over TikTok and Instagram with OnlyFans star Astrid Wett, Cal The Dragon and Simple Simon.

Ed previously conflicted with Cal The Dragon, 21, over a TikTok which saw Ed meet Astrid Wett at a rave and depicted him to be “dropping game”.

Cal The Dragon was included with the blend when Ed labeled him in an Instagram story which showed an image of him and Astrid, 21, and said: “@Callum_The_Dragon_Official ur young lady is tryna hold the wood.”

Cal answered with a video on Tiktok saying: “Astrid and Ed, presently I see what you’re not kidding.”

Who is Ed Matthews and why is he famous?

Ed Matthews, or @edmatthewstokky as he goes by on TikTok, is a YouTuber, web-based entertainment star, and works in the military. The TikToker turned into a web sensation after his problem with Simple Simon, Cal The Dragon and Astrid Wett was communicated on the stage.

The viral tempest between the TikTokers at first happened after a video surfaced of Matthews and Wett experiencing each other at a rave, where he was portrayed to be “dropping game” on the OnlyFans star.

He then dropped Cal The Dragon in with the general mish-mash, posting a photograph on his Instagram with Astrid at the club and stating “@callum_the_dragon_official enough said brother”.

Cal then answered the photograph with a TikTok video, saying “Astrid and Ed, presently I see what that is no joke”, with an exceptionally frustrated tone in his voice. It isn’t certain if Cal and Wett have dated previously, yet she has told fans she is only “companions” with the individual TikToker.

Since then, Matthews and Wett have had beef of their own, as he accused the influencer of “using” Cal to make money in a recent TikTok live video.

When the star isn’t broadcasting his beef with his fellow TikTokers, he co-runs a fitness company called HED Fitness LTD based in Brentwood, Essex.

Ed Matthews Key Facts:

  • Real Name: Ed Matthews
  • Age: 19
  • DoB: Currently unknown
  • Nationality: British
  • Net Worth: Unknown
  • TikTok Followers: 534.6K
  • Instagram Followers: 80.5K

All numbers correct as of 7th February 2022.

Ed Matthews’ Net Worth: How much does Ed Matthews earn?

Presently, Ed Matthews’ total assets is obscure.

In any case, Matthews has expressed in his profile that he is in the military, making the typical compensation for his profession to be assessed between £15,985-£53,975, contingent upon job and skill, as per the British Army.

With respect to his wellness teaching job, independent fitness coaches can acquire between £20-£40 by and large, as per Prospects.

How old is Ed Matthews?

Ed Matthews is 19-years of age, as per his TikTok bio.

His date of birth, in any case, is still at present obscure.

Who is Ed Matthews’ girlfriend?

Ed Matthews doesn’t seem, by all accounts, to be dating anybody at present, or has chosen to keep this data hidden assuming that he is.

Notwithstanding, Matthews frequently features his being a tease abilities on his virtual entertainment channel, posting coquettish recordings with young ladies on vacation trying to get their numbers.

2 Key Facts about Ed Matthews:

Not only is Ed Matthews a keen social media star, he is also just as active at the gym, and made a name for himself among popular YouTubers, too.

1.He is proud of his 3-year transformation:

Ed Matthews is no stranger to sharing his gym-journey, but he’s especially proud of his three-year transformation in which he shared how he put on more muscle.

2.Memeulous has made a video about him

Ed Matthews has also reached the world of YouTube stars, with memeulous criticising the TikToker about his dating “game”.

The YouTuber said of Matthews and anyone following his dating advice: “Here’s a pro-tip for anyone over the age of 18, don’t ask for a girl’s snapchat, it’s the equivalent of asking for a BBM pin”.

ED MATTHEWS and Simple Simon will settle their fierce feud in the boxing ring.

The TikTok stars have been entangled in a conflict of words, which will come to a brutal completion at the Indigo inside the o2 in London.
Ed Mathews and Simple Simon will go head to head
Basic Simon said: “I’m sensible, he ain’t reasonable in light of the fact that he says he will take me out in the principal round.

“I’m reasonable, there are individuals who talk and there are individuals who continue ahead with it and I’m the sort of individual who continues ahead with it so we should find out what f***ing occurs.”

When is Ed Matthews vs Simple Simon?

Ed Matthews versus Simple Simon is on Saturday, July 16.

The Indigo at the o2 plays have.

Expect the headliner at around 10pm BST.

How can I watch Ed Matthews vs Simple Simon?

Ed Matthews versus Simple Simon will be transferred live on YouTube PPV.

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What is the full fight card Simple Simon vs Ed Matthews?

Ed Matthews vs Simple Simon – Main event

AJ Bunker vs Elle Brook – Co-main

Slim Albaher vs Ryan Taylor

Chef Dave vs Aaron Hunt

Paddy Murphy vs Dave (The Other Guy)

Ginty vs Luke Bennett

How to watch via TV and live stream

The occasion, which is being named ‘Doling out Retributions’, is being communicated solely on Kingpyn’s site. It will cost fans in the UK £6.99 and you can buy the compensation per-view here.

How to get Simple Simon vs Ed Matthews tickets?

All tickets for the event have been sold out. No doubt a sign that the highly anticipated matches will be action packed.

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